The Boma Project 

The ‘Boma’ ProjectA Boma is a Maasai name for enclosure/shed. 

The ‘Boma’ project is a program we launched in year (2021) that gives people, schools, donors, etc., an opportunity to contribute to this course by adopting a ‘Boma’. A Boma is a Maasai name for a livestock enclosure. The cost of adopting a ‘Boma’ is $250, and the amount guarantees them to acquire a set of Lionlights for three years, and the better part of it will guarantee the protection of their livestock from predators. (You can adopt as many ‘Bomas’ as you wish).  Our goal is to use our story to inspire other young people across the world that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to. 

Upon adopting the ‘Boma,’ you will receive updates of their project in pictures, videos, and project reports (if required by the donor). For projects done by individual donors or schools (with their permission), their names are printed on their specific projects. 

These are some ideas you can do to contribute and be part of this project;

-Holding a class/school fundraiser for the Boma project

-Help us raise awareness of the plight of lions

-Donate (shoes, clothes, learning materials) to the Maasai community

A big thanks to Armand Corbeil school, who raised a total of $1,050

That’s a total of four homesteads fully equipped with Lion Lights.